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Rolling Big Power offers 16″ off-road tires, mud tires, and all-terrain tires for every application. Whether you’re looking for enhanced off-road capabilities, a quieter ride, or simply a more aggressive look, RBP 16 inch off-road tires are the perfect choice. A common misconception about 16″ Mud-Terrain tires is that they aren’t big enough for practical off-road use. Up-sizing tires on your truck or SUV isn’t required to achieve an aggressive look or to perform on the trails. With the right tires, you can confidently travel through dirt and mud without impacting the driving dynamics of your vehicle. Check out our selection of 16″ Mud-Terrain tires below.


Using the best rubber compounds and tread patterns in the industry, RBP 16 inch mud tires are built to tackle all types of rough terrain, such as mud, dirt, gravel, rain, and snow. Our 16 inch mud tires utilize specially designed tread patterns with large tread blocks and open shoulders. This open shoulder tread design allows for constant contact with the road, while the extended sidewall pattern enables enhanced traction in deep mud and sand. Throw everything you have at Rolling Big Power tires, and experience what it means to be bold.

A graphic design image of RBP tires and a Ford Ranger


In addition to the exceptional off-road performance of RBP 16 inch truck tires, our tires produce minimal road noise and offer a comfortable driving experience on the trails. Each of our tires boast a high ply rating which offers a much higher load index, carrying capacity, and inflation pressure. What does that mean? You get the world’s best performance in a wide variety of driving situations at an even better price point. Whether you’re looking for 16 inch truck tires for a trail rig, work truck or show truck, RBP has you covered.