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RBP Tires has acquired the intellectual property for Rolling Big Power Wheels. As a result, all Rolling Big Power Wheel purchases are currently paused. For any concerns or inquiries regarding wheels bought before December 15th, please contact Pilot Automotive. We appreciate your understanding!


Rolling Big Power specializes in building the world’s best mud tires. Ranging from 31 inches to 40 inches in flotation sizing, and 15 inches to 26 inches in standard sizing. RBP tires are ideal for every truck, Jeep, SUV and CUV. Using industry-leading compounds, tread patterns and technology, our mud tires are capable of handling all kinds of terrain from mud, dirt, snow and rain.


Bold [bohld] adjective – not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring.

RBP tire was founded with the intentions of providing the best all-terrain tires available on the market. Everything we do is bold and we never fold under pressure. At Rolling Big Power, we take pride in providing customers with the aesthetics, fitments and functionality that true enthusiasts demand. We cater to a wide range of off-roaders from purists to show trucks. Our off-road tires are engineered to provide the absolute best performance on the trails. With a wide range of tread patterns and sizes, finding the perfect set of mud tires for your build is easy.

Our mission is to provide off-road enthusiasts with high-quality purpose-built mud tires at an unbeatable value. Our vision is to lead the off-road tire revolution. Our core values are to learn, teach, and innovate.

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Want to learn more about off-road tires? Not sure which tire is right for you? Maybe you need help figuring out sizing? RBP has curated a growing collection of tire guides, tips, and articles to help keep you informed about off-road tires so you can make the best decision when tire shopping.

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